IT Support

B DOT believes that giving people the veracious tools and support is one of the preeminent ways so that One can fully stay-focused on their other really important job. We endorse, monitor, support, keep your vital data backed up and secure – we even manage your service vendors. All so you can ponder on your priority: Getting your work done.

IT Support in India

If you run a business in India, then our India tech support services will assist your business. We comprehend that a lot of businesses, either big or small businesses, dawdle of getting IT to support right. One of the reasons for that their systems are clumsy or inept, they try to come up with the problems by or they wait a long time for support technicians to help them. We get IT!

B DOT offers a comprehensive menu of the India IT services. Your systems will run proficiently, inflating productivity, guaranteed! We provide IT support India. Experience the amity of mind associated with outsourcing your IT department to a team of pros. Our amenities include India IT consulting to assure IT enhancement projects delivers the best return on asset. Our monitoring systems ensure we proactively address disputes in your environment beforehand they will slay your productivity or lose vital data. We will synchronize to work with you to deliver the pertinent service to contest with your necessities and financial plans.

We extricate ourselves from other IT companies in India by delivering projects on time plus on the financial plan and we have an outstanding customer service and support record as specified by hundreds of surveys and reviews received from gratified clients. You may have lots of options for IT support and IT services in India but again none of them provides the inimitable association, we establish as your IT department. Contact us today to instigate a conversation on India IT support necessities you have. We strictly get IT – it’s in our name and we know you’ll be utterly gratified with managed amenities in India that we offer. Call us today, or complete our online form to get the conversation started.

AMC (Computer System):


For all kinds of businesses, a sturdy technological framework is imperative to ensure that processes run effortlessly and proficiently on a circadian basis. Irrespective of the corporation you are tangled in, your corporate desires a sturdy technological foundation in a direction to get things done, predominantly in India, where the marketplace is extremely modest. An IT edifice should help rationalize business processes and supports in meeting corporate goals.
Seldom, however, a system may come across anomalies and technical problems. This might be due to the lack of hardware maintenance or else tools maintenance; otherwise, it might merely be triggered by everyday wear and tear. In circumstances like this one’s business processes may be affected, rendering to lost revenue in the immense picture. For small and medium-sized businesses, it can act as a major impact on the complete stability of the enterprise.

With B DOT, one can generate an IT annual maintenance pact that gives you access to ours premium tech support for your complete network. Through our AMC maintenance pact, we can help you with your network as well as computer maintenance requirements, while concurrently evolving your onboard technology to help you accomplish your corporate goals and aims.

Technical Support Computer System:

Welcome to B DOT, one-stop shop for nuisance-free tech services. We provide services From Setup and Installation to Networking and PC Protection, our professionals are available here for 24*7 to come across all of your technical and computer needs, so that you can relax at your home without a headache.

We offer support services for
  • PCs and Laptops.
  • Irrespective of place and irrespective of time.

  • (To get started, connect now with a live chat representative who is available 24/7 to answer any technical questions you have.) Upgrade

    OS setup, install and upgrade

    • Instantaneous support for all Operating System issues
    • Fixing sluggish operating systems
    • Solving sluggish running applications problem
    • Solving compatibility issues problems

    Networking Issues
    • Router Installation Assistance
    • Deals with Wi-fi and modem connectivity issues
    • Instantaneous support for all Networking issues
    • Deals with internet connectivity issues

    Protect your PC

    • Installing and Activating antivirus software
    • Eliminating viruses, spyware and malware
    • Securing your PC with AVG Antivirus
    • Defensive for your computer from hacking and phishing

CCTV Camera Installation:

We install, service as well as maintain CCTV systems so you can knowledge protected, secure and in having power over knowing you can rely on your CCTV systems to scrutinize your property anytime.
At MIC tech, we make available a rapid and gracious local service from copious skilled and experienced installation engineers. Our engineers have countless years’ of experience installing both analogue and digital CCTV systems, as well as an extensive knowledge of IP (Internet Protocol) implementations.

Our packages include:
  • Wired or Wireless cameras
  • Day and Night Vision Cameras
  • CCTV on Smart Phones
  • Digital DVR CCTV

  • Inspection, Monitoring & Recording Remote Access and Monitoring smartphone compatible.

Web Casting:

B DOT Webcast Services helps organizations across all industries build appealing, interactive live webinars for company communications, promotion, training, marketing and more. With B DOT webcast, one can host flourishing live events that reach everybody, everyplace on any gadget. Also we offer many other data webcasts.